Hot Deals For Dogs

Zeal Wild Caught Green Lipped Mussels 125g

Alps Natural Cod Supreme

Wellness Core Chunky Centers Salmon, Tuna & Spinach Canned Dog Food

Whimzees Dental Chews

Absolute Bites Air-Dried Treats (150g)- Buy 2 get 1 Free

Chewy's Chicken Freeze Dried Chicken Dinner Patties

Hot Deals For Cats

Addiction Cat Wild Brushtail & Berries Entrée - Grain Free

Wellness Core Divine Duos Beef & Chicken Liver Cat Canned Food

Kit Cat
Classic Clump Series 10L

Meowing Heads

Newflands Hoki Bites

GEX Pure Crystal Drinking Bowl (PRO) for Cats

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Give your pet the best while contributing to a worthy cause. Pet Guru is the place for owners to find the very best toys, accessories, treats and gourmet wet and dry foods for their dogs and cats. Show your pet some love in a way they’ll understand with our excellent range. Best of all, every sale made supports the dogs at SOSD- paying for their vet bills, sponsoring their food and other necessities. So, every time you treat your dog, we can also treat one of ours!

We know it can be hard to find the money to give your pet the best, so at Pet Guru, we keep our prices competitive so every household can give their dog or cat a little bit of luxury. Bringing together premium brands, it’s never been easier to find something exceptional for your furry family members.

Pet food that keeps your animal healthy and energised

The right food is the most important gift you can give your dog or cat. At Pet Guru, we want to put nutritious, gourmet meals within every household’s budget. Whether you’ve got a Doberman that thrives on a raw diet or a kitten who will only eat wet food, you’ll find something to suit even the fussiest customer in our collection.

Our range of cat and dog foods are drawn from some of the most responsible brands in the world, including Wellness, Eukanuba and Hill’s Science Diet, and with tailored formulas for senior animals, sensitive stomachs and various nutritional deficits, we have your pet’s health covered.

Make the right choice for your best friend

Browse the range of products in our store and discover why so many pet-owners choose Pet Guru for their supplies. Moving and need to get your cat or dog across the city? Our pet taxi is the thing for you!

For more information on our transport service, or to find out more about our product range, get in touch with our online pet store today. Make a general enquiry on 9106 3382 or send us a message through our contact page or via email at