Revision to Friends of SOSD Discount Plan

Dear SOSD volunteers, fosterers and adopters,

A big THANK YOU for your hard work and support of Singapore’s homeless dogs. SOSD just turned 5 this month, and it has been a difficult journey. Through your efforts, time and generosity, we rescued a total of 952 dogs, rehomed 649, and sterilized (and released) 209 dogs.

An even bigger THANK YOU! for supporting Pet Guru. Pet Guru was set up in 2013 to support SOSD operations. We bought a van through Pet Guru, which allowed us to ferry our dogs to and fro events, to the vet, and to the shelter from rescue sites. Running Pet Guru has not been easy. With inadequate manpower, we could not give you our best – and we aim to address this with new resources onboard. In addition, there is fierce competition from other online stores, and we have strived to continually adjust our prices to make Pet Guru competitive. As of now, we are making another round of adjustments to our product prices, as well as the “Friends of SOSD” discount plan.

Because of the lower prices, we are now unable to give the same discounts as before. The percentage of discounts for you will be adjusted downwards slightly, however, you will still enjoy low prices for your pet supplies. These are detailed below:

  Old Discount Plan New Discount Plan
Fosterers & Adopters 5% discount 5% discount
Volunteers 10% discount 5% discount


Below are some examples of how you can still save with the new prices:

Item Old Discount Plan New Discount Plan
Wellness CORE Original (24lbs) Original Price: $141.00
After 5% discount: $133.95
After 10% discount: $126.90
New Price: $$132.50
After 5% discount: $125.88
Wellness CORE Puppy (24lbs) Original Price: $168.00
After 5% discount: $159.60
After 10% discount: $151.20
New Price: $$152.00
After 5% discount: $144.40
Addiction Salmon Bleu (33lbs) Original Price: $191.40
After 5% discount: $181.83
After 10% discount: $172.26
New Price: $181.00
After 5% discount: $171.95

The adjustments will take effect from 1 August 2016.

With lower margins, we are also introducing two new revisions to the discount plan:

  • All purchases are to be paid by bank transfer instead of Paypal.
    Paypal charges up to 3.9% and $0.50 for every transaction. By paying via bank transfer, you will help us save amount of money. We apologize in advance, that we are unable to process any orders which are paid using Paypal under the discount plan.
  • We ask that you self-collect your orders from SRC if convenient
    If you are coming to SRC for volunteering work, you can opt to pick up your orders along the way. By self-collecting, help us greatly by allowing us to save on transport fees. Also, you do not have to worry about hitting the minimum spend of $80 for free delivery. Just use “selfcollect” coupon code for the waiver of shipping fees and your order will be ready for collection in the next 2-4 working days!

We are really grateful for your support and patience all these years – and your kind understanding with Pet Guru, even when the website was difficult to navigate, or orders sometimes came late. With the new changes, and website revamp, we have done our best to improve all areas of operations. We hope that you can continue to support SOSD and Pet Guru, and continue to buy pet food and supplies from us. 100% of the profits go to supporting the operations of SOSD and Pet Guru. Thank you again, for your support!

PS: If you have not sign up for the Friends of SOSD discount plan, please do so at:


Yours sincerely,

Siew Tuck Wah

Director, Pet Guru
President, SOSD

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