About PetGuru

Pet Guru is a very unique online pet supplies and services company; it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SOSD Singapore that advocates the rescuing and adoption of stray dogs in Singapore. Being a social enterprise, our goal is to provide a convenient and reliable channel for animal lovers to contribute to the cause of saving street dogs in Singapore.

Pet owners can contribute whenever they purchase pet supplies and accessories or engage pet taxi services from Pet Guru as 100% of the profits goes to supporting SOSD & Pet Guru’s operation. In order to entice pet owners to buy from us, we strive to continuously improve our range of pet food and accessories and pet taxi services, while offering competitive prices at the same time.

Through our online platform, kind members of the public can donate pet supplies to animal welfare groups, stray animal feeders, and of course to SOSD easily. In addition, Pet Guru and SOSD also run “Feed Our Stray Dogs” food donation drive every quarterly to raise awareness and also help the feeders who have kindly feed the stray dogs in Singapore.

To encourage volunteering, adopting and fostering of dogs, all SOSD’s adopters, fosterers and volunteers are entitled to the “Friends of SOSD” membership program, which offers them special discount whenever they shop with Pet Guru.
In addition to offering pet taxi services to the public, our pet taxi also plays an important role in SOSD’s operations – offering logistic support to the “Trap, Neuter & Release” program, adoption drives, visits to vets and other programs.

Are you a paw-rent? You too, can help to contribute the cause of saving our street dogs by getting your pet supplies from us! 100% of the profits goes to supporting SOSD and Pet Guru’s operations.

Special credits
We are very thankful to a team of members from DBS’s IT department who have graciously volunteered their time and professional expertise to revamp Pet Guru’s online platform and gave it a brand new look earlier in March 2016.
If you are interested in volunteering, please visit SOSD Volunteers Page

SOSD's President, Dr Siew Tuck Wah, with a rescued poodle, Pansy