Adaptil: Diffuser Refill (48ml)

Adaptil: Diffuser Refill (48ml)



1. Do I need to change the diffuser refill even though the liquid has not completely run out?

The refill vial will never empty completely, as the last few milliliters of liquid are not sufficiently in contact with the wick to allow the diffusion process. It is, therefore, recommended to replace the refill after four weeks, with or without a small amount of liquid remaining in the refill.

2. Do the Adaptil refills fit other brands of diffuser systems?

No. The Adaptil refills should never be used with another brand of diffuser. Conversely, the Adaptil diffuser should never be used with a different brand of refill.

The solvent in the Adaptil refills is made to diffuse at the temperature of the Adaptil diffuser. Other brands of diffusers have different heating elements.

3. Are the refills recyclable?

No, the refill vials are not recyclable at this time.


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