Adaptil: Pheromone Diffuser

Adaptil: Pheromone Diffuser



Adaptil helps to reduce the signs of stress in dogs and puppies exposed to challenging situations.

How to use the Adaptil Diffuser:
– Screw the vial into the diffuser unit and plug it into an electric socket.
– The diffuser should be plugged in continuously in the room where the dog spends most of its time.
– Each diffuser covers an area of up to 700 sq. ft. and refill vials last 30 days. Diffuser heads should be replaced every six months.

Do not plug-in the diffusers under shelves or behind doors, curtains or furniture. To function properly, the diffuser must not be obstructed in any way.


1. In which situations can I use an Adaptil Diffuser?

Adaptil will help dogs in a range of stressful situations:

Adaptil can:
– Help dogs to cope with challenging situations (fireworks, Christmas, new baby, staying home alone etc).
– Help puppies or adult dogs settle in new homes.
– Help prevent or reduce stress-related inappropriate behaviours – these may include excessive barking, destruction/chewing, house soiling, pacing, trembling, salivating etc. Re-training may be required to eliminate unwanted behaviours.
– Help promote learning during indoor puppy classes.
– Adaptil can also be used under direction from a vet or behaviourist and alongside training to help in the management of clinical behaviour problems such as separation anxiety, noise phobia, etc.

Adaptil is not recommended for use in cases of hyperactivity or aggression.

2. Do I need to change the diffuser refill even though the liquid has not completely run out?

Some devices will run for a little longer than the 4 weeks due to differences in location, air turnover, etc so you may get slightly more than 4 weeks. But remember that the device will never empty completely as the last few milliliters of liquid are not sufficiently in contact with the wick. It is therefore recommended to replace the refill after 4 weeks.

3. For how long should Adaptil be used?

It depends on the nature of the problem for which you are using Adaptil.

For puppy adaptation, you should expect a smooth settlement in your home as well as positive experiences for the duration of the socialisation period.

For other uses, it may take some time before you see an improvement, depending on the nature and severity of the problem. Some dogs may have more ingrained behavioural problems than others and may need a long term therapy programme.

However, if your dog is undergoing behavioural therapy, your veterinary surgeon or behaviour counsellor may adapt the duration of use to your dog’s specific case.

4. How long will it take for Adaptil to have an effect on my dog?

The Adaptil Diffuser will be fully functioning within 24 hours of plugging in.

The effect on the dog will depend on the nature and extent of the problem for which Adaptil is used. It is advised to continue using Adaptil for at least one month before assessing its effectiveness.

5. How many refills can be used before replacing the plug in device?

Six refills can be used before replacing the plug in device.

6. Should I switch the diffuser off at night?

No – the diffuser should be left on continuously day and night.


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