Azmira Aller’G Skin & Digestive

Azmira Aller’G Skin & Digestive


Each bottle contains 10oz of solution


Aller G: Skin & Digestive provides relief for all disorders of immediate-type hypersensitivity including allergies, asthma, dermatitis, irritable bowel and food allergies. Aller G: Skin & Digestive have herbs that have been formulated together to provide powerful anti-hepato-toxic tincture to help protect the liver from circulating antigens and allergens (liver dysfunction is often symptomatic in skin conditions). Supports the adrenal glands when epinephrine is needed by the body during the inflammatory response generated by allergens. Aller G: Skin & Digestive contain active constituents that act as anti-inflammatory, antihistamine, safe bronchial dilators, respiratory antispasmodics and membrane integrity enhancers.

For all disorders of immediate-type hypersensitivity including allergies, urticaria (an eruptive skin disease; hives), reactive dermatitis, reactive arthritis, reactive irritable bowel syndrome, anaphylaxis, food sensitivities, sinusitis, asthma, cough and other acute and chronic inflammations, including of the bowel and liver.

Wildcrafted Extract of Tumeric Root, Black Catechu, Fresh Frindeia Floral Buds, Licorice Root, Rose Hips Solid Extract, Chinese Scullcap, Fresh Ginkgo Leaf, African Devil’s Claw Root, Fresh Yarrow Flowers, Fresh Lobelia Herb & Seed, Grain Alcohol

How to Use It:
Use 1 drop per 5 lbs. of body weight per dose. Dose can be doubled initially to build up therapeutic properties or as needed for acute situations. Shake well. Do not use undiluted – this is a concentrated product. Mix extract in a small amount of warm water or apple juice. Extract can be mixed into food if needed, but do double dose to increase assimilation.


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