Azmira Para*Clear-Diatomaceous Earth 2.5lbs

Azmira Para*Clear-Diatomaceous Earth 2.5lbs



Azmira Para*Clear is veterinarian approved. It is safe for use on or near puppies, kittens, dogs, ats, ferrets and rabbits when used as directed.

Avoid prolonged inhalation of dust during application, or contact with eyes. Rinse affected area with cool water.


For maximum benefit, sprinkle liberally around indoor and outdoor areas. Brush down into carpet base while also applying to baseboards, cracks, pet’s bedding and under furniture. Repeat as often as needed, especially after area gets wet or wind blown. Vacuum within 24 hours; clean vacuum immediately.

May be applied directly to the pet’s coat but can dry the skin; avoid prolonged skin contact.


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