Bio-X Lavender Spray

Bio-X Lavender Spray



Bio-X is a safe and effective formulation to eliminate insect pests such as mosquitoes,cockoaches,ants,houseflies,bed begs,flea,ticks,carpetmites etc.Bio-X has deodoring properties and helps to disinfect. The unique formulation eliminates insect but is safe on mammals and birds!
The active ingredient is evaluated by WHO. *WHO pesticides Evaluation Scheme(Approval Code:WHOPES/97.24.1)classified active Etofenprox under Table 5-unlikely to present acute hazard in normal use.

Direction for use: *Shake well before use *For air space treatment,spray Bio-X in an upward direction to access holes or areas behind self. *For long lasting residual effect,spay on surfaces of walls,carpet,curtian,cushions,mattresses etc and insect hiding areas. *Repeat treatment at monthly interval.

Ingredients: Active Ingredient:Etofenprox 1.25%(W/W)inert ingredient 98.75% Net:300ml


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