Bosch High Premium – Puppy (7.5Kg)

Bosch High Premium – Puppy (7.5Kg)



Bosch Puppy dog food for the needs of puppies incl. sensitive puppies in the first months of life; highly digestible, nutritious and tasty

In the early living stages, or during the transition phase away from the mother’s milk, much care should be taken in what type of nutrition your puppy receives. Furthermore the enzymatic digestion of your puppy must also be solid. Bosch Puppy Kibble is specially suited for puppies in the first month of living, and can also be fed after the first three weeks of life with water or puppy milk.

At a glance:
• colostrum, strengthens puppies’ immune system
• mannans & glucans, stabilize the intestinal flora and immune defense
• made without wheat


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