Canine Caviar Lamb Holistic

Canine Caviar Lamb Holistic


Lamb and Pearl Millet Adult formula meets the special needs of mature adult dogs.
The lamb protein source is ideal for dogs with sensitive digestive tracks, or those that have intolerance for beef or poultry based diets.

Beneficial nutrients aid in maintaining beautiful coats in longhaired dogs, or dogs that have had skin problems in the past.
This is an all-natural holistic formula that only uses human grade meats and grains.
With the highest digestibility of any food on the market. Guaranteed digestibility 91%


Crude Protein – 21.0% minimum
Crude Fat – 12.0% minimum
Crude Fiber – 3.3% maximum
Moisture – 8.0% maximum
Omega 3 – 1.43 %
Omega 6 – 3.07

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