Dom & Cleo Wild Fish Oil

Dom & Cleo Wild Fish Oil



Fish Oil 1000mg (EPA 180mg, DHA 120mg)
Vitamin E 1.1IU

Omega 3 essential fatty acids from wild fish oils are better utilized by the body than plant oil sources. This makes fish oils an excellent source of Omega 3 for omnivores and carnivores.

Present day diets are often severely lacking in Omega 3 due to modern farming practices.

WILD FISH OIL is produced from fishes caught off the coast of Norway and naturally preserved with Vit E. Use as a dietary supplement for healthy skin and coat, aid in regulating immune response, cardiovascular health and inflammation.

Made from wild short-lived fishes and micro filtered using a unique process. This quality product is tested to be free from heavy metals and other ocean pollutants.

60 Gel Caps


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