Epi Pet Sun Protector Spray (4oz)

Epi Pet Sun Protector Spray (4oz)



Don’t let your pet burn in the sun, protect with Epi Sun Protector Spray!

  • FDA compliant and safe pet sunscreen.
  • Water-proof, quick dry formula, non-greasy and doesn’t leave an oily film.
  • Veterinarian developed.
  • Include sunscreen ingredients that would rate 30-40 SPF in human sunscreen.
  • Easy spray application. 

Why use sunscreen protector for dogs?

  • Like humans, your furry buddies are susceptible to skin cancer and sunburns if their skin is exposed to sun without proper protection. You should apply sunscreen on the areas where the skin is pink (nose, belly, groin, ears) or if you have just shaved off their fur. Avoid applying near the eye region.


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