Kala Health Geriatrix Full Spectrum Nutrition for Ageing Dogs & Cats 60cts

Kala Health Geriatrix Full Spectrum Nutrition for Ageing Dogs & Cats 60cts



GERIATRIX™ for Dogs and Cats contains nineteen vitamins and minerals, and eighteen amino acids for the older pet to promote immunity and foster long-term health, deliver optimum nutrition and aid older animals to live a long and active life. The geriatric formula contains effective antioxidants plus Ester-C, a superior form of Vitamin C that does not cause acidity problems. Bovine liver powder (from Argentina) is a natural source of amino acids. The tasty, chewable tablets are designed to allow quick and complete assimilation of the nutrients into the body.
Dogs are living to a much older age than they did not too long ago. There are many factors contributing to this including better vaccines and veterinary care, but one of the most important factors is better nutrition. The older companion animal is undergoing many physiologic changes, and because of these changes, it is recommended that they receive additional vitamins and minerals to supplement their diet. Geriatric would be considered any dog or cat in their last third of his or her normal life expectancy.
Geriatrix Chewable Tablets are a great tasting, nutritious supplement intended for the long term health and maintenance of dogs and cats. They are designed to help older animals live a happier and healthier life. Geriatrix Chewable Tablets stand out from other geriatric formulas because:
• They are easy to administer as a tasty, chewable tablet;
• They are economical;
• They provide long lasting benefits;
• They have an impressive history of over fifteen years of successful use by thousands of veterinarians. Geriatrix Chewable Tablets are designed for older dogs and cats, and will:
• Supplement geriatric pet diets;
• Aid in prophylaxis and treatment of antioxidant, vitamin and mineral deficiencies;
Guaranteed Analysis
Per 2 Gram Tablet:

Amino Acids
Alanine – 38 mg
Arginine – 47 mg
Aspartic Acid – 41 mg
Asparagine – 1.9 mg
Glutamic Acid – 78 mg
Glycine – 43 mg
Histidine – 7.4 mg
Isoleucine – 22 mg
Leucine – 41 mg
Lysine – 32 mg
Methionine – 18 mg
Phenylalanine – 26 mg
Serine – 29 mg
Threonine – 18 mg
Tryptophan – 7.1 mg
Tyrosine – 20 mg
Valine – 29 mg
Taurine- 9.2 mg

Calcium – 4.5%
Phosphorus – 3.0%
Zinc – 5.0 mg
Iron – 4.2 mg
Manganese – 2.0 mg
Magnesium – 0.42 mg
Copper – 0.35 mg
Selenium – 7.0 mcg

Vitamin A – 1500 IU
Vitamin D3 – 150 IU
Vitamin E – 10 IU
Ester C – 10 mg
Niacin – 1.12 mg
Choline – 0.75 mg
Inositol – 0.50 mg
Riboflavin – 0.23 mg
Thiamine – 0.10 mg
Vitamin B6 – 0.10 mg
Vitamin B12 – 2.25 mcg


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