Love’em Vet’s Best Rewards 120g 

Love’em Vet’s Best Rewards 120g 



Vets are often asked to recommend a healthy and tasty treat that can be given to pets as a training aid, show-ring aid or simply as a reward for good behaviour.
Knowing of nothing available that met their high standards of health and nutrition, a dedicated group of Australian Vets decided to develop their own.

100% natural Vet’s Best REWARDS was born:
Made only from certified human grade Australian lamb/sheep liver, Vet’s Best REWARDS contain no additives or preservatives.
Oven-baked to perfection with that irresistible taste of real liver, it’s the tastiest pet treat available and will receive a very enthusiastic reaction from all animals.

Healthy, nutritious and easy to use Vet’s Best REWARDS are also high in quality protein and B group
vitamins. And no-mess feeding couldn’t be easier – simply break off thumb-sized pieces and feed by hand.


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