Magical Fruit Shampoo (Watermelon & Apple)

Magical Fruit Shampoo (Watermelon & Apple)


Each bottle contains 400ml of shampoo


The characteristic of this shampoo is to achieve superb skin soothing using the formulation of Watermelon + Apple extract. This shampoo aims at rejuvenating the skin, induce new skin cell regeneration, and exfoliating death skin cells. It leaves a mild watermelon and apple fresh fragrances after each wash and it sooth the skin naturally making your pets skin balanced moisture and healthy. Best use for dry dermatitis. Bath your dog weekly to achieve maximum skin repair result.

The benefits of watermelon extract:
1. It is an excellent source of anti-oxidants. It aids to fight the free radicals which are considered responsible for the occurrence of age-spots.
2. Watermelon is loaded with Vitamin A that assists to reduce the size of pores on your pet skin and consequently, minimize excessive secretion of oil.
3. The acids contained in watermelon work have exfoliating properties to make your skin radiant.
4. Watermelon has moisturizing properties that boosts the moistness of your skin.
5. Watermelon can rejuvenate and revitalize skin that is dull and affected.
6. Watermelon juice guards your skin from the damages made by the sun


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