Marujyo & Uefuku Goody Lamb (150g)

Marujyo & Uefuku Goody Lamb (150g)



Made with pure natural lamb meat packed with glucosamine and antioxidants to support your pet’s health.

Softener plant protein rice flour corn cheese lamb (glycerin), pH adjusting agent (sodium lactate), sorbitol (sweetener), preservative coloring agent (nitric acid), coenzyme Q10 · L-carnitine, DHA · Glucosamine Chondroitin

36.0% more crude protein
4.0% fat
Less than 1.0% fiber
Ash below 5.5 percent
28.0% less water
Energy: 295kcal (100g per)

150 grams

Feeding Guideline:
Serve as a treat or rewards. Always ensure adequate amount of water available at all times to your pet.

Made in Japan.


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