Outward Hound Treat Twister

Outward Hound Treat Twister



Once your pup tries this treat track there will be no going back! Featuring a treat-hiding ball, super-fast track & treat-ball release, the Treat Twister™ is sure to keep your dog engaged. Pups paw and nuzzle at the treat-hiding ball to push it through the release. Once removed, the treat ball naturally dispenses treats throughout play. Just fill the Treat Twister™ ball with your favorite treats or kibbles, place it in the treat track & watch your furry friend twist up some fun!

Every dog’s a winner with Outward Hound Games! Bring out the genius in your dog with our interative, treat-seeking puzzles and exercise toys.

Dimensions: Length 28.6 cm x Width 25.5 cm x Height 8.9 cm


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