Pets Silver Power 500ml


Pets Silver Power 500ml

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Pets Silver Power was created knowing that this natural remedy can help our house animals combat various conditions.
Colloidal Silver is a natural antibiotic for dogs, cats and other pets and it has proven to be very effective against bacteria, virus, and fungus. It will not sting when applied on open wounds and does not harm the surrounding tissue. It is also non-allergenic and does not have any known reactions with drugs or herbs. Suitable for internal and external application.
Tested by PSB/TUV
(99.9999.% kill rate within 5 minutes)
Some applications (not limited to) that were effective for some users:
✔️For cuts/ wounds
✔️Hot spots/ Skin rash/ Insect bite
✔️Acne & Ringworm
✔️Eye/ Ear/ Skin infection
✔️Hearing Loss
✔️Bleeding Gum & Excessive Plague
✔️Tick and flea bite infections
✔️Ingested treatments for parvo virus, lyme disease, yeast infection, internal parasite infection, thyroid disorder, digestive disorder.
A copy of the application guide will be given upon purchase.


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