Vitakraft Organic Dry Dog Shampoo

Vitakraft Organic Dry Dog Shampoo


Contains 120g of shampoo


For pets that absolutely hate bathing. There’s nothing more distressing than being grabbed and soaked into a sink full of water. For pets that generally do not like to be bathed and now, they don’t have to! Introducing all NEW dry shampoo in 3 variants!

Contains natural herbs and essential oils like citronella herb, rosemary, pennyroyal, wormwood, eucalyptus oil, sag e oil, cedarwood oil, bicarbonate of soda and natural clay for all day freshness! PAMPER THEM TODAY! THEY DESERVE THE BEST AFTER ALL!

It repels ticks, fleas, lice and removes bad odors, stimulates hair growth, repairs damaged hair, improves general health of skin, anti bacterial, soothes bacterial skin problems, controls dandruff, relives itching, treats acne and maintains the alkaline of skin and coat.


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